Environmental Reports

All too often for a purchaser, your Conveyancer will commission an Environmental Report.  We often find that buyers ask us to advise upon and clarify those reports which can initially seem quite daunting, particularly relating to subsidence, radon and flooding.

With regard to subsidence, this is often highlighted from a postcode check, which will determine whether or not the property is founded upon clay.  Having a property survey done will reveal whether or not the property has had an issue with subsidence previously or whether it is at greater risk.

The Environmental Report will also deal with radon although levels within the Cambridge area are low and quite manageable and should not be a problem.

Flooding is still a hot topic.  You can check whether a property is at risk of flooding from rivers, sea or indeed surface water/pluvial flooding by going to Flood Risk.  You can put in the number and post code of the property and get details of its potential flood risk.